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!!!!two days successful!! whooop!


What I would love to be doing!

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As Story Wranglers here at, we love getting to spend time every day in the Reader exploring the incredible breadth of topics you’re writing about. Here are three Freshly Pressed posts from this past week that we think are must-reads:

Wiggle Wiggle Pinky Toe!

Arash Recovery blog header

I do it again, this time to confirm that what I thought I had been seeing could actually be real. “Wiggle little toe, wiggle.” Wiggle wiggle it says, as it dances back and forth, proving to me that for the first time in almost six months, I have regained motor control of a part of my lower body.

Arash started his blog, Arash Recovery, to chronicle his fight to walk again after a fall from a third-floor balcony left him paralyzed from the chest down. In Wiggle Wiggle Pinky Toe!, he experiences a physical breakthrough six months in the making. We were on…

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Going Vegan aaand..possibly gluten-free!

Gaia is all about choice; you have the freedom to choose your own experience 

Our lives are about our own thoughtfulness and decisions-creating our own truths and altering them throughout our life times to better reflect what we have learned and chosen to believe in. This will be a very very large challenge for me but today I begin for what and with what I can in my situations.